As a female postdoc on campus Mainz you are invited to participate in our ADA Mentoring Program.
This gives you full access to all our offers.
You may apply coming from our funding institutions JGU faculty 8, JGU faculty 9, JGU faculty 10 or the HIM Helmholtz Institute Mainz. We also encourage you to apply for the ADA Mentoring Program coming from one of the other scientific research organisations on campus Mainz, i.e. IMB, MPIC, etc..

As an ADA Mentee, you will be part of your ADA Mentee group and, after completion, part of a powerful alumni network.

Check out our ADA Mentoring program including all our offers.
We will be happy to receive your application! And please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Additionally, we have special offers for you as a postdoc once in a while that will be announced on this page.


Special offer for Senior Postdocs + Tenure Tracks:
Empowerment for your academic career path!

ADA Mentoring Program in a small group, facilitated along your special needs.

  • Group Coachings
  • Impulses for personal reflection
  • Facilitated process to find, contact and work with a mentor

Please use the normal ADA Mentoring application template.
Best timing throughout the year to receive your application is in September/October.
In case of any question, please do not hesitate to contact Edeltraud Eller, ADA Lovelace Talent Management.

Becoming an ADA Lovelace Mentee