Doctoral Students

As a female PhD student on campus Mainz you are invited to participate in our ADA Mentoring Program CAREER ORIENTATION.
This gives you full access to all our offers.
You may apply coming from our funding institutions JGU faculty 8, JGU faculty 9, JGU faculty 10 or the HIM Helmholtz Institute Mainz. We also encourage you to apply for the ADA Mentoring Program coming from one of the other scientific research organisations on campus Mainz, i.e. IMB, MPIC, etc..

As an ADA Mentee, you will be part of your ADA Mentee group and, after completion, part of a powerful alumni network.

Check out our ADA Mentoring program including all our offers.
We will be happy to receive your application! And please do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.


Additionally, we have special offers for you as a PHD student once in a while that will be announced on this page.

“I guess we are all pretty much familiar with the academic world (even though, we surely do not know everything here, either). My driving force for joining the ADA mentoring program was to get in touch with mentors from different working fields, on the one hand by a personal mentorship and on the other hand, by benefting from the experiences fellow mentees are making. I therefore hope to get deeper insights into areas that are not closey related to chemistry and how people found their way to where they are standing right now. I am further very excited to participate in all the different workshops provided by the program such as "negotiation and communication skills, voice and body language, or leadership training", among others. Moreover, we are also offered to undergo a personal profiling - I am curious to learn more about myself and how I can make use of the new knowledge.”

-Pia W., Biomedicine 2020