Mentoring & Benefits

Participation in the ADA Mentoring Program comes with a variety of benefits as well as responsibilities as a mentee.

The main part of a mentoring program is the mentoring relationship. You will get the chance to select your own mentor in correlation to your personal goals and career vision. Your mentor, who is a more experienced person, will invest time in you as mentee by sharing their personal experience, network, or feedback, and promote this within the framework of the mentor´s options. You will be trained to shape your mentoring relationship in a personal as well as in a professional way.

The ADA Mentoring Program embeds a 12-month mentoring relationship in a 16-month overall process. During the mentoring relationship, you should complete four personal meetings with your mentor. The overall process is designed to frame your career orientation and personal as well as academic development and to offer impulses and opportunities for your reflection. The process is also enabled through ADA Mentee Group Coachings and Individual Mentee Counselings.

The mentee groups start every February with the Mentee Start Coaching, which also initiates the Mentee team building as a basis for all your further networking. During the summer, your mentoring relationship is established. Furthermore, reflecting on discussed topics and planning desired outcomes of the mentoring is enhanced in Mentee Group Coachings. At the end of the mentoring relationship, your final reflection is ensured in a Mentee Closing Coaching.

Throughout the 16-month process, workshops, networking options + excursions and individual counselings are part of the offer.

Additionally, mentees have access to Individual Coaching as well as to an Individual Profiling.