Individual Profiling

You will present yourself better, communicate more clearly, and will be a stronger leader, the more you know and accept yourself. You can make a better decision about your next career move, the better you know your personal qualifications and qualities and where you can apply them.

An Individual Profiling allows you to gain a more enlightend view inwards: your personal qualities as well as your inner challenges, your preferred way to conduct yourself in certain situations, which values lie at the core of all, how you perceive the world through your own personal gaze. You will then be able to truly understand yourself. This is the best foundation for change in those areas that you wish to alter and for your own development.

"My main motivation to participate in the ADA Lovelace mentoring program was to recognize my strengths and learn to make best use of them to build a successful and fulfilling career. I am curious for the interaction with a mentor who already took these steps and want to learn from their experiences. I think the workshops and networking with fellow young scientists will be motivating to find our own career path and strengthen the trust in our potential."

-Anne B., 2020

We are offering Enneagram Interviews.

Currently, this offer is accessible for ADA Mentees.
ADA Mentees are invited to ask for scheduling options.