Becoming an ADA Lovelace mentee

When is it best to start?

  • The Ada Lovelace Mentee groups start yearly in January.
  • For you, as a student, there is no “best year” to start; this will depend on your personal perspectives.
  • For many students, the end of the first year at university seems to be a good time to become a Ada Lovelace mentee
  • If you have to decide between an earlier or a later start for your time as a mentee, you should take into account planned secondments as well as your scheduled workload.
  • In case of any any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the program management (

How can you apply?

  • Please submit your application form and your  letter of motivation (about 1 page) until October 31st the year before the next mentee group starts in January/February to
  • In November/December the year before, all female doctoral students and postdocs interested in becoming a Ada Lovelace mentee in the following year will be invited to a personal meeting with Edeltraud Eller, the manager of the program.
  • Each mentee group has up to 16 mentees.
  • In case we need to select mentees from the students interested in becoming a Mentee, we will most likely select according to your remaining time in order to give all students the chance to participate in the Ada Lovelace mentoring program. In the unlikely case that we need additional selection criteria, we would select on the basis of the letter of motivation and the personal interview.